MAY 2015 An early wet Winter has hit Melbourne, so why not stop in for a coffee from our new George Clooney machine.

APRIL 2015 Too busy with Easter Eggs for a post this month.

MARCH 2015 We've got the latest and greatest from the Milan and New York eyewear shows.

FEBRUARY 2015 More new stock keeps arriving from Europe for all to indulge in.

JANUARY 2015 Happy 2015, may your compliments be plentiful and sincere when buying from us deers. 

DECEMBER 2014 Happy Christmas to all and thank you for making 2014 a year to remember.

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NEWS NOVEMBER 2014 - We have eyewear that stops a nation.

NEWS OCTOBER 2014 - After a long cheese eat eyewear hunting trip new eyewear has arrived at Scoogle.

NEWS SEPTEMBER 2014 - The month of eyewear hunting season. Off to Europe to find the best eyewear for you. 

NEWS AUGUST 2014 - SCOOGLE has moved and will be open from 10am Thursday 21st of August. The new location is 131 Wells St. Southbank - just off Coventry St.

Now taking Eye Test appointments for September 1st.

NEWS JULY 2014 - New store is coming along famously. Big opening planned for August.

NEWS JUNE 2014 - Skipping May and straight into June, the month of change and growth says our Fortune Cookie. More colour than an kaleidoscope at mardi gras, the perfect remedy for grey days 'til Spring.

NEWS MAY 2014 - Very quiet flower, but the gardener was very busy. June, July and August will reveal all.

NEWS APRIL 2014 - Passing before our eyes and before we could even say, 'Come see, Muddy Cool Pastel Palettes of Fun that have arrived from Europe.

NEWS MARCH 2014. A kaleidoscope of colour arrived at Scoogle as we ventured to both Miland and New York to see the latest and greatest in eyewear trends. The busiest month for us at Scoogle. Be sure to book an appointment to view the most exclusive range of eyewear in Australia. Saturday March 22nd is Channel 9's The Block viewing day, we will be operating by appointment only to ensure quality service for the ones we love - YOU.

NEWS FEBRUARY 2014: St Valentines struck a chord with us. A small, short month with no ambitions of taking over the calendar and that's the way we like it. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the F1 Grand Prix - if you're visiting in March pay attention to the restricted parking areas and other oddities as you approach Albert Park - HOME OF F1.. brmm brmm...

HAPPY 2014 SCOOGILITES. If you're looking to visit us this month, note there are some major roadworks going on, with car access via the Moubray st end of Cardigan place. Also we will be closed Sundays and Mondays. For more info checkout our FaceBook page.

NEWS DECEMBER 2013: CHRISTMAS has come early this year, with the arrival of another exclusive model to SCOOGLE. It's been 9 months in the making and he arrived last week, both mum and bubs are healthy and getting to know one another. Please check our Summer Trading Hours.


NEWS NOVEMBER 2013: STICKS STICKS STICKS - that's right, Scoogle is now selling sticks and with each stick sold, comes a free prodded frame from latest/greatest collection of European eyewear.

NEWS OCTOBER 2013: Back and recharged from a few weeks in Paris seeing all the latest and greatest frames from around the world. And so be first to see them at Scoogle, 2014 stock already instore.

NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013: If you're intending to break your frames or loose a screw over the coming weekends, try to hold off, as Scoogle will be closed on Monday's for a few weeks and won't be able to attend to frames until Tuesdays.

NEWS AUGUST 2013: Business as usual, but creative driving and tram catching required as Yarra Trams update our corner for the new Zuper Dooper tram scheduled for roll-out later in 2013. 
Business as usual, but creative driving and tram catching required as Yarra Trams update our corner for the new Zuper Dooper tram scheduled for roll-out later in 2013. Works scheduled for the weekend of the 24th. We also have the latest frame instalment of Summer colours for 2014.

NEWS JULY 2013: A busy month of European sports has kept us away from updating any news worthy of the title 'news' - so we'll let you muse yourself.

NEWS JUNE 2013: The season of warm nights, by warm glowing lights is upon us. The latest and greatest from the March MIDO show have arrived, including some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING pieces that have to be, asked to be seen, to be believed.

NEWS MAY 2013: Welcome to May, the most indecisive month of the year in Melbourne, tourists have flocked to Scoogle sweating in what would usually be appropriate apparel for this time of the year. The TRS has also pitched in with their own bit joy in the form of an extension to TRS claims. See more here.

NEWS APRIL 2013: Well April has nearly come and gone. And this month has seen the wise old English proverb, by the literary cleric Charles Caleb Colton, illustrated multiple times. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' We won't mention names, we'll just sit quietly with a polite smile.

NEWS MARCH 2013: An early entry this time as our trading services will be interrupted until March 9th. Please phone ahead to book a personal viewing time. Truth be know, we went over to MIDO, the International Milan Optic show. And it was huge, with some of our favourite designers releasing some amazing glasses. We also picked up a few local designers who were new on the scene.
And March means F1 Grand Priks, so trading hours were effected again - but the village was nice again with many locals vacating the area for more peacful and tranquil surrounds.

It's that time of year again, when the locals vacate to more peaceful & tranquil surrounds, leaving the village quiet, parking plentiful and service attentive - and we have the F1 Grand Prik to thank for it. Hope to see you soon.

All the latest, greatest and tastiest brought back from Milan.

In order to maintain the corporate PC line, Scoogle will not be celebrating with feasts of chocolate RABBIT, but rather a feast to end all feasts on Australia's endangered BILBY. Lookout Bilby you're on our chocolate covered list of delights. We're even going to close early in order to celebrate.

NEWS FEBRUARY 2013: A PUBLIC APOLOGY. Our lawyers have advised we, SCOOGLE, must unreservedly apologise to Scoogle clients and potential clients for the ongoing harassment stemming from the purchase and wearing of our glasses.It has come to our attention that a number of you have been approached by complete random strangers in the street, in a pub, on a train, at work or in a cafe and given compliments. YES COMPLIMENTS!!! Apparently our eyewear and more importantly, the act of finding a frame and lens combination pairing to best suit your lifestyle, has resulted in too many compliments being dished out by strangers. As a result Scoogle customers have been known to suffer from bouts of Laughter, unreserved SMILES and even the sensation of 'Walking on Air/Sunshine'. (results may vary depending on musical and movie tastes). We would like to reassure these 'sensations' are beneficial, but sadly there is no cure - as Scoogle frames are not bound by seasonal fads or fashions. For that we are unapologetic and we'll take the full-force of the law on our collective chins.We look forward to future public apologies.Many Smiling Regards, The Scoogle Team.

NEWS JANUARY 2013: A late update from Scoogle this fine year as holidaying has taken it's toll on our punctuality. However, in our defense we've come back bigger and better - perhaps due to favorable servicing from Yule Tide - but, the point is we're here now to offer you "the best eyewear service, for the most unique frames in the world", as quoted by many of our clients.

NEWS DECEMBER 2012: A busy time of year for all. So why not stop in and relax with an egg nog while eyeing off all the latest eyewear from Paris and Australia. 

NEWS MOVEMBER 2012: We love a good joke and nothing is better than a joke gone viral, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for a great cause. That joke is of course MOVEMBER, started by a few mates in a pub, now it's a global fund raiser for cancer related cures. Get on-board and support a great initiative

November also saw the introduction of Hoet, the most sublime eyewear in the world.

And to cap it off, new stock from the annual Paris show arrived.

NEWS OCTOBER 2012: A busy bee of a month ahead with another coup for Scoogle being chosen as the only Australian stockist for a new timeless collection of frames.

NEWS SEPTEMBER 2012: It has been a busy month of August with new stock from new designers. And September will continue that rising trend in-sync with the Spring morning Sun. For the best service it's best to arrange an appointment with our staff.

GRAND FINAL weekend is here, Scoogle has money on the original South Melbourne Football Club - The SWANS - and we will be closing at 1pm, to enjoy the game with friends and family.

Back to normal trading hours, with not so normal eyewear. New stock arriving fresh from the Paris tradeshow peep-show.

NEWS AUGUST 2012: The month of August flew by with barely a whimper from the Scoogles, rest assured we were not resting on our laurels - the search for unique eyewear for eyewear lovers never sleeps. And with our 7 month old, not sleeping has never been easier.

NEWS JULY 2012: As good things come to those who wait, so to does Scoogle developments, so from 23rd of July until the 6th of August there will be minor interruption to Scoogle trading. We had a busy month with new stock and new designers so updates have taken a back seat for the month of August.

NEWS JUNE 2012: As trumpets are for trumpeter, Scoogle is for interesting eyewear and for 2 of our interesting clients we wish them the very best with their TV careers. One is an old hand, the other is a new hand, reality TV, you could say - and best of all, their paths crossed at prime time.

NEWS MAY 2012: The warm after glow of April's massive Dragonphant Trunkshow has continued with more Australian and European frames rolling in. Be sure to book a fitting session if you're after something from our vaulted range.

NEWS APRIL 2012: Easter Treats with family and friends means reduced hours at Scoogle. Call in before stopping in.
Scoogle is excited to announce Niloca as the 1st of 2 exclusive frame designers being stocked this year.

NEWS MARCH 2012: It's Grand Prix time, Albert Park Cafes will be quiet and locals away until the noise subsides. So what better time to come visit. Ample 1hr parks, no queues, attentive attendants and NO CROWDS.

Scoogle has a new product, an accessory we wanted, but could never find a suitable version of - that was until we met Elizabeth Faraut. Her laloop is a simple necklace design made to impeccably high standards to compliment your Scoogle glasses

Scoogle is all about helping a good cause, whether is local community or global action. This one particularly took our attention due to personal connections. It's a long video, but worth the watch and worth sharing - VIMEO

NEWS FEB 2012: In addition to our new addition, there has been a retraction. The Scoogle Friends section of the website will be no more. The uniquness of our product means a trip to Albert Park can't be avoided - and what's to avoid - Jock's Icecream, The Avenue Bookstore, Andrew's Hamburger, Bisbas Hardware - come and indulge the senses.

NEWS JAN 2012: A big month to start the year with the latest Scoogle addition to the family, Florence. Happy to report Mum is recovering well with Ruby wondering what we've brought home now.

NEWS DEC 2011: Xmas in Albert Park, what could be better than walking on wide footpaths whilst shopping in some of Melbourne's best kept present shopping district. Ride, Tram or Drive in and enjoy the cafes, ice-cream and hamburgers.