Our Optometrist Loan Vu joined Scoogle as principal Optometrist in 2014 with inspirations to share her passion for excellent eye care with the Scoogle team.

Modern Optometry is much more than just basic spectacle and contact lens fitting. At Scoogle, we utilise the newest technology to test all aspects of vision and eye health. Loan is passionate about early disease detection and management particularly when glaucoma and macular degeneration are increasing in prevalence here in Australia.

Loan graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry from the University of Melbourne in 2010. Early experiences grew her passion for providing excellent patient care when she completed an exchange program at University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. In this time, she volunteered and lived on the Phelophepa Health Care Train providing essential eye care to remote rural communities of South Africa. The leading cause of visual impairment worldwide is the lack of access to prescription spectacles. A simple pair of glasses can go a long way.

Loan enjoys continuing to develop her knowledge and clinical skills. She graduated Optometry with Ophthalmic Medicines Endorsement. In 2013, she completed Specialist Contact Lens studies at the University of New South Wales. She is currently completing a Specialist Certificate in Paediatric Optometry and a Masters of Clinical Optometry at the University of Melbourne.

Loan has strong passions in disease detection and management, fitting contact lenses in all age groups, assessing children’s vision and controlling myopia in children and teenagers.

A comprehensive eye examination is recommended once every 2 years. A retinal photograph is recommended at all ages to take a baseline image to monitor the optic nerve, macula and blood vessels and detect the early stages of eye disease.