NEWS NOVEMBER 2014 - Our new eyewear from Europe has arrived, come see the eyewear that stops a nation.

Scoogle is the eyewear store and optometrist you've been looking for. We offer gorgeous frames of exceptional quality and detail, but we also specialise in contact lenses and eye health. All our frames are hand-crafted by arty artisans, and hand-picked to complement your fine features and peppy personality.

We also offer terrible things like old-fashioned service, a fluffy Airedale for pats, expert advice, discerning designs, comely colours, and a skilled eye for personal style.

At Scoogle, honesty outshines flattery, and original transcends mass-produced repetition. 

Every face needs a fabulous frame, and we’d love to help you meet your perfect match.

TRADING HOURS, please phone to book a fitting or eye exam appointment on (03) 9077 9883.
MONDAY - 10am - 3pm
TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10am-5:30pm
SATURDAY 10am - 3pm