The one stop optical shop and drop - complete with amicable Airedale available for pats all afternoon. Scoogle is a small family run business that brings a unique combination of specialised eyewear experience and design expertise.


Eyewear Fashion with Passion

Scoogle Optometrist brings an unbridle enthusiasm to lenses to match the frames. Look good while looking at good. 

Prepare yourself for compliments daily.

Scoogle started in 2008 with a vision (excuse the pun) for delivering the best eyewear and lenses for people who don't mind receiving compliments daily. Yes, one of the many positive effects Scoogle customer receive is the endless procession of compliments and OMGs - where did you get those? Like shoes for you head, eyewear is an important accessory to adorn and compliment.

Scoogle Optometrist accepts all major private health cards via our HICAPS system.